Crescent Toys

Crescent Toys was a British toy manufacturing company in operation from 1922 to 1980. It manufactured die cast metal vehicles, toy guns, hollow cast and later plastic figures and toy soldiers of various historical periods. The firm was founded by Henry Eagles and Arthur Schneider and was located at 67 DeBeauvoir Crescent, Kingston Road London.

When Henry Eagles died in 1942, his son Harry who was called "Harvey" entered the firm. Crescent restarted after World War II stamping its products DCMT for Die Cast Machine Tools. In 1949 the firm moved to Cwmcarn Wales with "Harvey" Eagles staying in London and setting up a firm by the name of Harvey. Harvey sold his name to the Lone Star Toys company.

Prior to the war, Crescent acquired moulds and stock from C.W. Baker which traded as Reka. Crescent manufactured a series of dioramas depicting various shops and a classroom from 1950s Britain. The company also manufactured Dan Dare sets of figures and Thunderbirds toys.

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