Creed Bratton (character) - Character History - Seasons 7–8

Seasons 7–8

In the season premiere "Nepotism", Creed participates with his co-workers by playing a Fender when they perform a lip dub to "Nobody but Me", with the intention of placing the video on the Internet. When the staff finds out that the terrible new office assistant Luke is Michael's nephew, Creed says in a talking-head interview "I couldn't care less about nepotism. But, I'm loving the debate. Great minds battling it out. And I've got a front row seat". Creed also indicates he follows Luke on the social-networking website Twitter specifically because Luke does not write about the actress Betty White, who was particularly popular at the time.

In "Counseling", when Creed hears that Dwight has decided to boycott the Steamtown Mall because a shop owner refused to serve him, Creed gets riled up and suggests that they "start their own mall", to which Erin eagerly agrees. In a deleted scene, when Dwight dresses up fancily to Pretty Woman the Mall, Creed gives him a pipe and tells him to take good care of it, since it belonged to a museum.

Creed attends a local production of Sweeney Todd (which Andy is performing in), in "Andy's Play". During intermission, he is seen talking on his cellphone, saying "Unfortunately, in this ham-fisted production of Sweeney Todd, the real terror comes from the vocal performances. New paragraph." After the play, when Michael is confronted by the actor who played Sweeney Todd (whom Michael previously booed), Creed whispers to Michael "be cool, Michael. I saw this guy kill a bunch of people", and then tells the actor he was good before walking off.

In "Sex Ed", when Andy makes a Pros and Cons list of Sex, Creed suggests "the feeling of pure risk", implying he has had some affairs.

In "The Sting", when Andy starts a band, he writes an anti-war song from the perspective of a little girl (Andy sings in falsetto). Andy tries to defend his song from the rest of the office when it is poorly received, but only when Creed says that he likes it does Andy know it is truly terrible.

In "Costume Contest", Creed dresses up as a mummy, but loses the contest to Oscar, who he believed was dressed as Edward James Olmos (though he actually wore no costume and said he was actually dressed as a "rational consumer" ironically causing a plurality of people to vote for him thinking he could never win).

In "Christening", Creed attends the christening of Jim and Pam's baby, Cece, and he and Darryl fall asleep next to each other.

In "Viewing Party", Creed attends Gabe's "Glee" viewing party. When Andy becomes intoxicated with a Chinese virility supplement, he brings the bottle to Creed and asks if he can read Chinese. Creed responds that he can read it better than English, but when he reads it out loud he speaks in Chinese.

In "", Creed tells Jim that he hears he's "looking for work" (Jim maxed out his commission cap and thus has no motivation to sell). Creed then asks him how far he can stretch his "lovely long arms". When Jim demonstrates how far he can reach out, Creed decides it isn't far enough, but then asks him how long he can hold his "pretty little breath". Creed decides he can hold it long enough, but Gabe interferes. At the end of the episode, Michael says "the world sends people your way", then explains where Andy and Ryan came from and says he has no idea where Creed came from.

In "China", Creed understands the word "Parley" as Pirate Code, but laments that he only understands it and can't speak it.

In "Classy Christmas", Creed refers to Holly Flax as "one sassy black lady", giving us yet another example of how he tends to misidentify people. Angela also gives him pack of deodorant as his present, which he is grateful for. Later, when Darryl's daughter Jada is handing out bags of chips she purchased from the vending machines out to the staff, Creed takes a different bag from her than the one she tried to give to him.

In "Ultimatum" Creed's New Year's resolution is he wants to be able to do a 'perfect' cartwheel. He swears at a confused Erin when she does his resolution. In the end of the episode, Michael is trying to help Creed learn how to do a cartwheel, which he performs (poorly). Michael congratulates an elated Creed (who states that the cartwheel was "all I had to do all year"), though Creed obliviously ignores Michael's handshake.

In "The Seminar", Creed is a speaker at Andy's seminar on starting a small business. Creed however, goes into a speech about the Loch Ness Monster.

In "The Search", Creed's picture is seen on the wall of a Chinese restaurant with others who have dined there without paying.

In "Michael's Last Dundies", Creed's contribution to the office workers' version of Seasons of Love is "I watch you (referring to Michael) when you sleep."

In "Goodbye, Michael", Creed is seen once again using the women's restroom, and is angry at Gabe for barging in (when he is trying to make his case to Erin). Creed says "not cool, man" after seeing Gabe barge in. Ironically, Erin does not seem bothered seeing Creed in the woman's room, and even says Hi to him, implying that at least she has gotten used to Creed's use of the bathroom. At the end of the episode, when Michael is taking his last look at the Dunder Mifflin staff, Creed lifts up Michael's "World's Best Boss" coffee mug (which Michael had thrown out earlier in the episode) and says "See ya tomorrow, boss," making him the last person to talk to him in the actual office (Pam says goodbye to Michael shortly before he takes off.)

In "The Inner Circle", Creed watches Deangelo's mime juggling act in amazement.

In a deleted scene of "Dwight K. Schrute, (Acting) Manager", Creed confirms to the camera that there is a real possibility he will murder Oscar. In the end of the episode, he's promoted to acting manager of the office after Jo requests that the position be filled by the employee that has worked there the longest.

In "Search Committee", Creed's antics as acting manager are revealed. He has a team building meeting despite not calling for one (with dismal attendance from the office), makes an acronym chart up as he goes along, and starts calling a number of Dunder-Mifflin's clients (actually Pam disguising her voice), informing clients of various derogatory things about the company. When Creed actually gets through to a client, Pam gives him two identical pictures, informing him that corporate asked him to find at least seven differences, to which Creed replies: "I can see three already."

In "The List", he is on the "Losers" side of new CEO Robert California's list (on which he is listed as "old man"). Creed is also seen "planking" in the episode.

In "Lotto", Creed says that by being born in the United States, he has already "won the lottery". But, he says as backup he has a Swiss passport.

It is revealed in the season 8 episode, Spooked, that one of Creed's biggest fears is snakes. He is also found by Jim on the roof of the Dunder Mifflin office building flying a RC helicopter.

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