Cousin Marriage

Cousin Marriage

The attitude to marriage between two cousins varies across jurisdictions and cultures. It may be considered ideal and actively encouraged, or uncommon but still legal, or considered incest and legally prohibited.

Such marriages are often stigmatized in the Western world, but marriages between first and second cousins nevertheless account for over 10% of marriages worldwide. They are particularly common in the Middle East, where in some nations they account for over half of all marriages.

Only particular kinds of cousin marriage have been allowed in many cultures, such as between cross cousins. Various religions have ranged from prohibiting sixth cousins from marrying to freely allowing first-cousin marriage. Cousin marriage has also featured prominently in the field of anthropology, notably in alliance theory.

The children of first-cousin marriages have an increased risk of genetic disorders, though some scientists contend this is relatively small. Supporters of cousin marriage in the West may view legal bans as discrimination, while opponents may appeal to morality or other arguments.

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