Court Officials of The Kingdom of Navarre - Majordomo


The majordomo (Latin maior domus) was the chief officer of the court, who oversaw all the other officers. The office may have been held on a rotational basis, since several officials appear in and out of office. One majordomo held the post of butler simultaneously, as evidenced by a charter of 1072.

Name First record in office Final record in office Title(s)
Gómez Auréliez 952 959 Maior domus
mez 992 992 Maior domus
García Sánchez 996 996 Maior domus
Lope Sánchez 1011 1024 Maior domus
Lope López 1015 1015 Maior domus
Gómez Sánchez 1018 1033 Maior domus
Álvaro Fortúnez 1040 1042 Maior domus
Galindo Iñíguez 1042 1042 Maior domus, Maior quoquorum
Fortún Velásquez 1047 1047 Maior domus
Jimeno Manciónez 1054 1060 Maior domus
Íñigo Sánchez 1056 1066 Maior domus
García Iñíguez 1063 1064 Maior domus
García Fortúnez 1071 1073 Maior domus
Lope Velásquez 1072 1076 Maior domus, also Botellarius
Velasco García 1078 1087 Maior domus

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