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Timeline Of Yugoslav Breakup - FR Yugoslavia - 1992
... Date Event 30 May United Nations Security Council Resolution 757 imposed a wide range of economic and political sanctions against Serbia and Montenegro. 14 September United Nations Security Council Resolution 776 approved the expansion of UNPROFOR into Bosnia, where it was mandated to facilitate the provision of humanitarian aid throughout. 9 October United Nations Security Council Resolution 781 introduced a No-fly zone (NFZ) for all military flights over Bosnia ...
Legality Of The Iraq War - Principal Legal Rationales - Criticisms
... right to determine how to enforce its own resolutions lies with the Security Council alone (UN Charter Articles 39-42), not with individual nations ... On 8 November 2002, immediately after the adoption of Security Council resolution 1441, Russia, the People's Republic of China, and France issued a joint statement ... the statements of US officials leading up to the war indicated their belief that a new Security Council resolution was required to make an invasion legal, but the UN Security Council has ...
United Nations Security Council Resolution 355
... United Nations Security Council Resolution 355, adopted on August 1, 1974, recalled its resolutions 186, 353 and 354, noted that all States have declared their respect for Cyprus ... The resolution was looking to implement an end to the conflict sparked by the Turkish invasion of Cyprus ... Resolution 355 was passed with 13 votes to none the Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic and Soviet Union abstained ...
United Nations Security Council Resolution 132
... United Nations Security Council Resolution 132, adopted on September 7, 1959, decided to appoint a sub-committee consisting of Argentina, Italy, Japan and Tunisia, and ... It was the only resolution adopted by the Security Council in 1959 ... military attacks against Laos the Security Council President convened a meeting urgently ...
United Nations Security Council Resolution 67
... United Nations Security Council Resolution 67, adopted on January 28, 1949, satisfied that both parties in the Indonesian Conflict continued to adhere to the ... The Council further called upon the Netherlands to release all political prisoners arrested since December 17, 1948 and to facilitate the immediate return of officials of the Government of the ... The Resolution then called for the creation of a federal 'United States of Indonesia' in which elections for constituents to a constituent assembly would be completed by October 1949 and to whom ...

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    Compared to football, baseball is almost an Oriental game, minimizing individual stardom, requiring a wide range of aggressive and defensive skills, and filled with long periods of inaction and irresolution. It has no time limitations. Football, on the other hand, has immediate goals, resolution on every single play, and a lot of violence—itself a highlight. It has clearly distinguishable hierarchies: heroes and drones.
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    I haven’t seen so much tippy-toeing around since the last time I went to the ballet. When members of the arts community were asked this week about one of their biggest benefactors, Philip Morris, and its requests that they lobby the New York City Council on the company’s behalf, the pas de deux of self- justification was so painstakingly choreographed that it constituted a performance all by itself.
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