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The Simpsons (season 2) - Ratings
... Due to the show's success, over the summer of 1990, the Fox network decided to switch The Simpsons timeslots in hopes that it would result in higher ... on Sunday night to the same time on Thursday where it would compete with The Cosby Show on NBC, the number one show at the time ... "Bart Gets an F" was the first episode to air against The Cosby Show and averaged an 18.4 Nielsen rating and 29% of the audience ...
History Of The Simpsons - The Groening, Brooks, and Simon Years (1989–1991) - Competing With The Cosby Show
... was the Fox network's first TV series to rank among a season's top 30 highest-rated shows ... result in higher ratings for the lead out shows ... from 800 PM on Sunday night to the same time on Thursday where it would compete with The Cosby Show, the number one show at the time ...
Those Of You With Or Without Children, You'll Understand - Track Listing
410 Side 2 Window of Life - 2656 Bill Cosby Comedy albums Bill Cosby Is a Very Funny Fellow...Right! (1963) I Started Out as a Child (1964) Why Is There Air? (1965) Wonderfulness (1966) Revenge (1967 ... For Adults Only (1971) Inside the Mind of Bill Cosby (1972) Fat Albert (1973) My Father Confused Me.. ... Must I Do? (1977) Bill's Best Friend (1978) Bill Cosby Himself (1982) Those of You with or Without Children, You'll Understand (1986) Oh, Baby! (1991) Music albums Silver Throat Bill Cosby Sings (1967 ...
Pilot (The Cosby Show)
... List of The Cosby Show episodes "Pilot" (also known as "Theo's Economic Lesson") is the pilot and the first episode of the first season of the American sitcom The Cosby Show ... Theo attempts to pacify his father, Cliff (Bill Cosby), by letting him know that since he did not intend to go to college, his low grades did not matter to him ...
List Of United States Christmas Television Episodes - Sitcoms - The Cosby Show
... The Cosby Show Getting to Know You (1989) (season 6) The Cosby Show Clair's Place (1991) (season 8) ...

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    A father ... knows exactly what those boys at the mall have in their depraved little minds because he once owned such a depraved little mind himself. In fact, if he thinks enough about the plans that he used to have for young girls, the father not only will support his wife in keeping their daughter home but he might even run over to the mall and have a few of those boys arrested.
    —Bill Cosby (20th century)