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Ammunition Column - In The British Army
... for all corps troops other than artillery, the reserve of pom-pom ammunition ... Some miles to the rear are the divisional and corps troops columns, which on the one hand replenish the empty wagons of the columns in front, and on the other draw fresh supplies from the ... each set of brigade ammunition columns), and the corps troops column supplies the columns attached to the heavy, howitzer and horse artillery brigades ...
3rd Shock Army - Campaign History
... by horrible communications the assault troops did not get a full meal before the offensive due to food shortages ... now Lobez, Poland)(together with the troops of the 1st Guards Tank Army) on 3 March, and Frayenvalde (now Khotsivel, Poland) and Regenvalde (now Resko ... (now Stepnitsa, Poland), and liberated Gollnov (now Golenyuv, Poland) together with troops of the 2nd Guards Tank Army ...
I Canadian Corps - Order of Battle in Italy, 1944-45
1st Canadian Infantry Division 5th Canadian Armoured Division Corps Troops I Corps Defence Company, Lorne Scots 7th Anti-Tank Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery (RCA) 1st Survey Regiment, RCA. 31 Corps Troops Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps (RCASC) No. 32 Corps Troops Company, RCASC I Canadian Corps Transport Company, RCASC No ...
War Of The Austrian Succession - Italian Campaigns 1741–47
... forced by a British Squadron to withdraw her troops for home defence, and Spain, now too weak to advance in the Po valley, sent a second army to Italy via France ... this led to curious complications, combats being fought in the Isère valley between the troops of Sardinia and of Spain, in which the French took no part ... Indeed, early in 1746, Austrian troops, freed by the peace with Frederick, passed through the Tyrol into Italy ...
II Canadian Corps - Order of Battle
... October-November 1944, Siege of Dunkirk Corps Troops II Canadian Corps Defence Company (Prince Edward Island Light Horse) 18th Armoured Car Regiment (12th Manitoba Dragoons) 6th Anti-Tank. 2 Corps Troops Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps (RCASC) II Canadian Corps Transport Company, RCASC No. 2 Headquarters Corps Car Company, RCASC No ...

Famous quotes containing the words troops and/or corps:

    But, where the road runs near the stream,
    Oft through the trees they catch a glance
    Of passing troops in the sun’s beam—
    Pennon, and plume, and flashing lance!
    Forth to the world those soldiers fare,
    To life, to cities, and to war!
    Matthew Arnold (1822–1888)

    There was nothing to equal it in the whole history of the Corps Diplomatique.
    James Boswell (1740–1795)