Coromandel may refer to:

  • Coromandel, New Zealand
  • Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand
  • Coromandel (New Zealand electorate)
  • Coromandel International
  • Coromandel Coast, India
    • Dutch Coromandel
  • Coromandel, Minas Gerais, a Brazilian city
  • Coromandel, Mauritius
  • Coromandel Valley, South Australia, a suburb of Adelaide
  • Coromandel railway station, on the Belair railway line in Blackwood, South Australia
  • HMS Coromandel, one of four former ships of the British Royal Navy
  • Coromandel!, 1955 historical novel by John Masters
  • Coromandel screen, an item of furniture

Other articles related to "coromandel":

Coromandel Screen
... A Coromandel screen is a Chinese wooden folding screen coated in dark lacquer that is carved before being painted with gold or varied colors ... The lacquer techniques for Coromandel screens, known as kuancai (literally "incised colors"), emerged during the late Ming Dynasty (1368–1644) and were applied to folding screens to ... The name refers to the Coromandel Coast in India where screens and other furnishings from China were loaded onto ships carrying goods to Europe ...
Chilamkur - Cement Industry
... Due to the abundance of limestone in the surrounding areas, Coromandel Fertilizers Pvt ... Ltd setup a cement plant named Coromandel Cements Pvt ... which continues to sell cement under the brand Coromandel Cement ...
Coromandel, Minas Gerais
... Coromandel is a Brazilian town, located in the southeast region of the country, in the state of Minas Gerais ... The municipality (município) of Coromandel is located 495 km from the state capital Belo Horizonte, and 673 km from São Paulo ... Coromandel is one of the municipalities of the Triângulo Mineiro/Alto Paranaíba micro region and its territorial size is 3,296 km² ...
Te Rerenga
... Te Rerenga is a locality on the Whangapoua Harbour, Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand ... Coromandel is 12 km to the west ... The Waitekuri and Opitonui Rivers flow from the Coromandel Range in the west and south through the area to drain in the Whangapoua Harbour ...
Coromandel Watchdog
... Coromandel Watchdog is an environmental organisation lobbying in opposition to mining on the Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand ... The Coromandel Peninsula is an area of high scenic values due to the presence of the original forest cover and a coastline that is popular for recreation ... Coromandel Watchdog began protests and lobbying in the 1970s against the activities of mining companies ...