Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney

Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney (February 20, 1899 – December 13, 1992) was an American businessman, film producer, writer, and government official, as well as the owner of a leading stable of thoroughbred racehorses.

Born in Old Westbury, New York, he was the son of the wealthy and socially prominent Harry Payne Whitney (1870–1932) and Gertrude Vanderbilt (1875–1942). As a scion of both the Whitney and Vanderbilt families, he inherited a substantial fortune. However, Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney proved to be a very capable businessman, using his connections to make investments that played an important role in the development of the American economy.

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    When I want to buy up any politician I always find the anti-monopolists the most purchasable—they don’t come so high.
    —William Vanderbilt (1821–1885)