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Recent Developments

Salvatore Cordì, the son of the old boss Domenico, was killed on May 31, 2005, in Siderno. The police accidentally witnessed the killing when one of the killers inadvertently set off his mobile phone – which was under surveillance – while he descended the motorcycle used in the attack. On December 18, 2008, police arrested Antonio Cataldo for ordering the killing, jointly with three of the material killers. The killing of Salvatore Cordì was a retribution for the killing of Giuseppe Cataldo, a nephew of Giuseppe Cataldo the boss of the Cataldo clan, three months earlier.

In March 2006, police arrested several members of the Cordì family, including the suspected current boss, Vincenzo Cordì, and Salvatore Ritorto, believed to have pulled the trigger in killing of Francesco Fortugno, the Vice President of the Regional Assembly of Calabria. Fortugno was killed in October 2005.

The military boss of the Cordì clan, Pietro Criaco was captured on December 28, 2008.

In 2010, police investigations based on intercepted conversations and government witnesses revealed that the Cordì and Cataldo clans signed a peace after a bitter feud that lasted for 40 years causing dozens of deaths. They formed a strong alliance aimed at a joint management of the crime business in the area, in particular in obtaining public work contracts and the exortortion industry.

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