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Scott Report - Background
... Such exports are subject to government control, and Matrix Churchill had the appropriate government permissions, following a 1988 relaxation of export controls ... had not been announced to parliament - indeed, when asked in parliament whether controls had been relaxed, the then Secretary of State for Trade and Industry replied incorrectly that ... in 1991 by Customs and Excise for breaching export controls ...
Capital Control - History - Transition Period and Washington Consensus: 1971 - 2009
... countries began abolishing their capital controls, starting between 1973 - 1974 with the U.S. 2009, known as the Washington Consensus, the normative opinion was that capital controls were to be avoided except perhaps in a crisis ... It was widely held that the absence of controls allowed capital to freely flow to where it is needed most, helping not only investors to enjoy good returns, but also ...
Buddhist Practices - States Pertaining To Enlightenment (BodhipakkhiyādhammāBodhipakṣa Dharma) - Five Strengths (Pañca Bala)
... Faith (saddhā • śraddhā) — controls doubt Energy (viriya • vīrya) — controls laziness Mindfulness (sati • smṛti) — controls heedlessness Concentration (sa ...
Capital Control - History - The Bretton Woods Era: 1945–1971
... by the imposition of strong and wide ranging capital controls as part of the newly created Bretton Woods system—it was perceived that this would help protect the ... principal architects of the Bretton Woods system, envisaged capital controls as a permanent feature of the international monetary system, though he had agreed current account convertibility ... Most industrial economies relaxed their controls around 1958 to allow this to happen ...
Powers, Abilities, and Weaknesses - Weapons of The Green Goblin - Goblin Glider
... The Goblin Glider's controls and microprocessor are located behind the head of the glider ... It has great maneuverability and is steered mostly by leaning, but manual controls are available behind the head of the glider ... The Green Goblin later added radio-linked voice controls to his mask ...

Famous quotes containing the word controls:

    Ask anyone committed to Marxist analysis how many angels on the head of a pin, and you will be asked in return to never mind the angels, tell me who controls the production of pins.
    Joan Didion (b. 1934)

    The confusion of emotions with behavior causes no end of unnecessary trouble to both adults and children. Behavior can be commanded; emotions can’t. An adult can put controls on a child’s behavior—at least part of the time—but how do you put controls on what a child feels? An adult can impose controls on his own behavior—if he’s grown up—but how does he order what he feels?
    Leontine Young (20th century)

    Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.
    George Orwell (1903–1950)