Contest Logging Software - Available Software Packages

Available Software Packages

The following contest logging software packages are widely used and available. Some are offered for sale, and others are available without charge under various licenses.

Contesting logging software


  • CT by K1EA
  • CQ/X de NO5W GPS Enabled for Mobile Contesting
  • MINOS by G0GJV For European VHF/UHF contests
  • N1MM Logger
  • QARTest Only in Italian
  • RCKLog
  • TLF by PA0R Linux Based
  • Tucnak by OK1ZIA Multiplatform, for VHF/HF contests


  • MobileLog by N0HR PocketPC/Windows Mobile PDA
  • N3FJP Log
  • NA by K8CC DOS Based
  • SD by EI5DI
  • TR Log by N6TR DOS Based
  • VHFCTest4Win by S52AA VHF Reg1Test
  • Win-Test by F5MZN
  • WriteLog by W5XD

Post-contest log analysis and conversion software

  • Contest LogChecker by UU0JC
  • LM contestsoftware by DL8WAA
  • JARL eLog Maker
  • LogConv by KA5WSS
  • LogView by EI8IC

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