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Content Delivery Network - Content Networking Techniques
... Content Delivery Networks augment the end-to-end transport network by distributing on it a variety of intelligent applications employing techniques designed to optimize ... server-load balancing, request routing, and content services ... Web caches store popular content on servers that have the greatest demand for the content requested ...
Limelight Networks - Company History - Notable Customers
... will help improve the performance, scalability, and reliability of Internet delivery of media content and online services, including video, music, games, software ... In May 2008, NBC announced that the company would be the content delivery network for the 2008 Summer Olympics webcast on ... In June 2008, the company was the primary source of content delivery services for the online debut of Disney's Camp Rock ...
CDNetworks - Content Delivery Services
... CDNetworks, a full-service content delivery network (CDN), provides technology, network infrastructure, and customer services for the delivery of Internet content and applications ... performance including dynamic (changing) and static content as well as application downloads ... into a secure, reliable, scalable and high performing Application Delivery Network ...
Asynchronous Layered Coding
... Asynchronous Layered Coding (ALC) is an Internet protocol for content delivery in a reliable, massively scalable, multiple-rate, and congestion-controlled manner ... Because ALC is focused on reliable content delivery, the goal is to deliver objects as quickly as possible to each receiver while at the same time remaining network friendly to competing traffic ... to be a minimal protocol instantiation that provides reliable content delivery without unnecessary limitations to the scalability of the basic protocol ...

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