Contactless may refer to:

  • Contactless smart card
  • Proximity card, a contactless integrated circuit device used for security access or payment systems
  • Contactless payment, systems which use RFID for making secure payments
  • Radio-frequency identification, an automatic identification method
  • Near Field Communication, a short-range wireless technology

Other articles related to "contactless":

Contactless Payment - History
... Mobil was one of the most notable early adopters of this technology, and offered their "Speedpass" contactless payment system for participating Mobil ... Group, Subway (restaurant) and AMT Coffee are among the retailers offering contactless payments to their customers in the UK ... became the first restaurant chain to adopt contactless ...
Montreal Metro - OPUS
... On April 21, 2008, the STM unveiled the contactless smart card called OPUS (a play on the French phrase au puce, which is the word for the chip used in the cards) as a means ... the new OPUS cards up until May 2009, the contactless smart card is more user-friendly in that not only will the card not risk becoming demagnetized and rendered useless, but it also does not require ...
... programming interface, easing the use of the contactless MIFARE technology in future mobile Near Field Communication (NFC) devices The emergence of ... Since MIFARE is the most common contactless card format used in public transport worldwide, it is essential to enable genuine interoperability for the ... total compatibility with existing and new contactless infrastructures ...
Barclaycard Products - Contactless
... Barclays and Barclaycard have been providing contactless debit and credit cards since 2007 and, since May 2011, contactless mobile phones, as well as the terminals that accept contactless ... Barclaycard have issued over 11.4 million contactless-enabled cards ... Barclays and Barclaycard provide contactless terminals for around 50,000 outlets in the UK, including McDonalds Wembley Arena Slug and Lettuce PrĂȘt A Manger Subway Little Chef EAT ...
Contactless Smart Card - History
... the Octopus card scheme in Hong Kong in 1997, smart cards with contactless interfaces have been increasingly popular for payment and ticketing applications such as mass transit ... Globally, contactless fare collection is being employed for efficiencies in public transit ... Contactless smart cards are being integrated into ICAO biometric passports to enhance security for international travel ...