Constructed Culture

A constructed culture or conculture is a fictional culture, created as part of a constructed world and usually associated with constructed languages. Countless constructed cultures exist, spanning many genres of fiction, as most world-constructors, unlike Tolkien, find it much easier to create a culture than a language. Examples of constructed cultures include the Klingon, Drow, and Fremen cultures.

Famous quotes containing the words culture and/or constructed:

    Without metaphor the handling of general concepts such as culture and civilization becomes impossible, and that of disease and disorder is the obvious one for the case in point. Is not crisis itself a concept we owe to Hippocrates? In the social and cultural domain no metaphor is more apt than the pathological one.
    Johan Huizinga (1872–1945)

    This house was designed and constructed with the freedom of stroke of a forester’s axe, without other compass and square than Nature uses.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)