Constitution Party of Montana

The Constitution Party of Montana is a third party. It was founded as the American Heritage Party state affiliate for Montana, but changed its name in 2000. It was a state-party affiliate of the national Constitution Party until it disaffiliated from the national party in July 2006. In 2006, Rick Jore, running for House District 12, became the first party member to get elected to the state legislature. With Republicans controlling the Montana House by a slim margin of 50–49, Jore obtained an unexpected amount of political leverage, and was later appointed chairman of the House Education Committee .

For the 2008 election, the Constitution Party of Montana submitted electors for Ron Paul to the Montana Secretary of State, in effect making Paul their nominee for President of the United States. On May 14, 2011 the Constitution Party of Montana re-affiliated with the national Constitution Party.

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    The Constitution of the United States is not a mere lawyers’ document. It is a vehicle of life, and its spirit is always the spirit of the age. Its prescriptions are clear and we know what they are ... but life is always your last and most authoritative critic.
    Woodrow Wilson (1856–1924)

    No political party can ever make prohibition effective. A political party implies an adverse, an opposing, political party. To enforce criminal statutes implies substantial unanimity in the community. This is the result of the jury system. Hence the futility of party prohibition.
    Rutherford Birchard Hayes (1822–1893)