Congressional Taiwan Caucus - Members


Rep. Diaz-Balart, Mario - co-chair (R-FL)

Rep. Gingrey, Phil - co-chair (R-GA)

Rep. Berkley, Shelley - co-chair (D-NV)

Rep. Connolly, Gerry - co-chair (D-VA)

Rep. Ackerman, Gary (D-NY)

Rep. Andrews, Robert (D-NJ)

Rep. Bachmann, Michele *new (R-MN)

Rep. Barton, Joe (R-TX)

Rep. Berman, Howard (D-CA)

Rep. Berry, Marion (R-LA)

Rep. Bilirakis, Gus *new (R-FL)

Rep. Bishop, Rob (R-UT)

Rep. Bishop, Sanford (D-GA)

Rep. Blunt, Roy (R-MO)

Rep. Bordallo, Madeleine Z. (D-GU)

Rep. Boren, Dan *new (D-OK)

Rep. Boyd, Allen (D-FL)

Rep. Brown, Corrine (D-FL)

Rep. Brown, Henry (R-SC)

Rep. Burgess, Michael (R-TX)

Rep. Burton, Dan (R-IN)

Rep. Calvert, Ken (R-CA)

Rep. Camp, David (R-MI)

Rep. Campbell, John (R-CA)

Rep. Cannon, Chris (R-UT)

Rep. Cardoza, Dennis (D-CA)

Rep. Chandler, Ben (D-KY)

Rep. Cole, Tom *new (R-OK)

Rep. Costello, Jerry (D-IL)

Rep. Crenshaw, Ander (R-FL)

Rep. Cummings, Elijah (D-MD)

Rep. Davis, Danny (D-IL)

Rep. Davis, Lincoln *new (D-TN)

Rep. Davis, Susan (D-CA)

Rep. Duncan, John (R-TN)

Rep. Engel, Eliot (D-NY)

Rep. Eshoo, Anna (D-CA)

Rep. Etheridge, Bob (D-NC)

Rep. Faleomavaega, Eni (D-AS)

Rep. Fallin, Mary *new (R-OK)

Rep. Foxx, Virginia (R-NC)

Rep. Franks, Trent (R-AZ)

Rep. Gallegly, Elton (R-CA)

Rep. Garrett, Scott (R-NJ)

Rep. Gerlach, Jim (R-PA)

Rep. Gonzalez, Charles (D-TX)

Rep. Graves, Sam (R-MO)

Rep. Green, Al (D-TX)

Rep. Green, Gene (D-TX)

Rep. Hall, Ralph (R-TX)

Rep. Hastings, Alcee (D-FL)

Rep. Herseth Sandlin, Stephanie (D-SD)

Rep. Hinchey, Maurice (D-NY)

Rep. Holden, Tim *new (D-PA)

Rep. Holt, Rush (D-NJ)

Rep. Honda, Mike (D-CA)

Rep. Inglis, Bob (R-SC)

Rep. Inslee, Jay (D-WA)

Rep. Jackson-Lee, Sheila (D-TX)

Rep. Johnson, Sam (R-TX)

Rep. Johnson, Eddie Bernice (D-TX)

Rep. Jones, Walter (R-NC)

Rep. Kaptur, Marcy (D-OH)

Rep. Kennedy, Patrick (D-RI)

Rep. King, Peter (R-NY)

Rep. Kirk, Mark (R-IL)

Rep. Lamborn, Doug *new (R-CO)

Rep. Langevin, James (D-RI)

Rep. Larsen, Rick (D-WA)

Rep. Larson, John (D-CT)

Rep. Linder, John - co-chair (R-GA)

Rep. Lofgren, Zoe (D-CA)

Rep. Lowey, Nita (D-NY)

Rep. Lucas, Frank *new (R-OK)

Rep. Maloney, Carolyn (D-NY)

Rep. Marchant, Kenny (R-TX)

Rep. Marino, Tom (R-PA)

Rep. McCaul, Michael *new (R-TX)

Rep. McCotter, Thaddeous (R-MI)

Rep. McGovern, James (D-MA)

Rep. McKeon, Howard (R-CA)

Rep. Meeks, Gregory (D-NY)

Rep. Miller, Brad (D-NC)

Rep. Miller, Gary (R-CA)

Rep. Miller, Jeff (R-FL)

Rep. Moore, Dennis (D-KS)

Rep. Musgrave, Marilyn (R-CO)

Rep. Myrick, Sue (R-NC)

Rep. Napolitano, Grace (D-CA)

Rep. Ortiz, Solomon (D-TX)

Rep. Pallone, Frank (D-NJ)

Rep. Payne, Donald (D-NJ)

Rep. Pence, Mike (R-IN)

Rep. Price, David (D-NC)

Rep. Putnam, Adam (R0FL)

Rep. Radanovich, George (R-CA)

Rep. Rehberg, Dennis (R-MT)

Rep. Reichert, Dave *new (R-WA)

Rep. Rogers, Mike (R-MI)

Rep. Rohrabacher, Dana (R-CA)

Rep. Ros-Lehtinen, Ileana (R-FL)

Rep. Ross, Mike (D-AR)

Rep. Rothman, Steve (D-NJ)

Rep. Royce, Ed (R-CA)

Rep. Ryan, Tim (D-OH)

Rep. Sanchez, Linda (D-CA)

Rep. Sanchez, Loretta (D-CA)

Rep. Schiff, Adam (D-CA)

Rep. Scott, David (D-GA)

Rep. Sessions, Pete (R-TX)

Rep. Shadegg, John (R-AZ)

Rep. Sherman, Brad (D-CA)

Rep. Shimkus, John (R-IL)

Rep. Simpson, Mike (R-ID)

Rep. Smith, Adam (D-WA)

Rep. Smith, Christopher (R-NJ)

Rep. Souder, Mark (R-IN)

Rep. Stark, Pete (D-CA)

Rep. Stearns, Cliff (R-FL)

Rep. Sullivan, John (R-OK)

Rep. Terry, Lee *new (R-NE)

Rep. Tiahrt, Todd (R-KS)

Rep. Tiberi, Pat (R-OH)

Rep. Towns, Edolphus (D-NY)

Rep. Van Hollen, Chris (D-MD)

Rep. Wasserman-Schultz, Debbie (D-FL)

Rep. Waxman, Henry (D-CA)

Rep. Weiner, Antony (D-NY)

Rep. Weldon, Dave (R-FL)

Rep. Wilson, Joe (R-SC)

Rep. Wu, David (D-OR)

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