Cone Cells

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Spectral Sensitivity
... is used to describe the different characteristics of the photopigments in the rod cells and cone cells in the retina of the eye ... It is known that the rod cells are more suited to scotopic vision and cone cells to photopic vision, and that they differ in their sensitivity to different wavelengths of light ... The responses of the rod and cone cells of the retina, however, have a very context-dependent (coupled) nonlinear response, which complicates the analysis ...
Problem Of Other Minds - Soft Materialist Viewpoint
... The light-sensing cone cells of the retina that respond to the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum designated as red are tuned similarly in every person tested, so we ... know that some people are missing certain (or all of) types of cone cells in the eye thus giving rise to color blindness and other such ocular variances ... Similarly, differences in the distribution of brain cells and dendritic connections (among many other potential variances) could give rise to different mental states for the same ...
Function of The Mammalian Eye - Retina
... The retina contains three forms of photosensitive cells, two of them important to vision, rods and cones, in addition to the subset of ganglion cells involved in adjusting circadian rhythms and ... Though structurally and metabolically similar, the functions of rods and cones are quite different ... Rod cells are highly sensitive to light, allowing them to respond in dim light and dark conditions however, they cannot detect color differences ...

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