Concurrent Design Facility - Activities


The CDF is mainly in charge of performing the assessment studies of future missions for the European Space Agency. These assessment studies are phase 0 or pre-phase A studies where the needs are identified and Mission Analysis is performed. Phase 0 allows the following:

  • Identification and characterisation of the intended mission.
  • Expression in terms of needs, expected performance and dependability and safety goals.
  • Assessment of operating constraints, in particular as regards the physical and operational environment.
  • Identification of possible system concepts, with emphasis on the degree of innovation and any critical aspect.
  • Preliminary assessment of project management data (organisation, costs, schedules).

In addition, the CDF often perform reviews of industrial contracts initiated by ESA.

Last but not least, the CDF has been used for several occasions for Tiger team activities as well as for the preparation of project documentation (such as Invitation To Tender, Statement of work and System Requirements Specification).

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