Concord Mall (Delaware) - Breastfeeding Controversy

Breastfeeding Controversy

The mall has come under fire by breastfeeding support groups when a photo began circulating social media sites showing a woman being escorted out of the mall for breastfeeding her child. The woman had been breastfeeding at the Hollister Co. store as part of a nationwide "nurse-in" at Hollister stores in support of a woman who was prevented from breastfeeding at a Hollister in Houston. The mall responded to this on their Facebook page by stating that breastfeeding constituted an "eyesore" and making other inappropriate comments which appear to contradict Delaware law. Shortly following the posting, the mall's Facebook administrator removed both the posting, and the Facebook page, with further questions about the Facebook page resulting in a denial of its existence. A representative of the mall made the following statement:

There were anonymous postings on a Facebook page shortly after this event occurred allegedly generated by the Concord Mall. These posts were crude and offensive and were not posted nor authorized by the Concord Mall. The Mall does not have an official Facebook page and communicates via its web-site . There is a Facebook icon on our homepage, however the account has never been officially in use by the Mall. We are in the process of contacting Facebook to report these violations and hope to find the person or persons responsible for these posts. Again, neither the Concord Mall nor anyone authorized to speak on behalf of the Concord Mall made these posts to this unofficial Facebook page.

This statement however appeared to ring untrue due to a link which led specifically to the now defunct Facebook page present on their own website rather than (as suggested by their quote) simply a Facebook icon.

Shortly after this information started to become public, a representative named Ed Tennyson made contact with individuals who were publicizing the story, making similar claims of the Mall's non-involvement with the issue. One such commentator noted that the Facebook page which was directly linked from the Mall's official site had also historically posted business related information for the Mall, indicating that it seemed unlikely that the Mall was not in control of the page.

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