Concession may refer to:

  • Concession (politics): failure to challenge or cessation of challenging, as in "conceding an election" or "conceding a game".
  • Concession (contract): a contracted-out service, as in "concession stand"
  • A contractual right to carry on a certain kind of business or activity in an area, such as to explore or develop its natural resources.
  • Concessional funding, as opposed to official funding
  • Concession (discount): in UK English, a price discount for a certain category of person.
  • Concession (territory): an area within one country that is administered by another, usually conceded by a weaker country to a stronger one.
  • Concession, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Concession (quality): In business/industry, a written authorization to accept (with or without repair) a product with a major/critical nonconformity, a nonconformity affecting the cosmetic appearance of the product or a nonconformity affecting the next assembly of the product delivered as subassembly/assembly.
  • Concession road: a grid-based road system in Ontario and Quebec

Other articles related to "concession":

Concession, Zimbabwe
... Concession is a small town in Mashonaland Central province in Zimbabwe. ...
Shanghai French Concession
... The Shanghai French Concession (Chinese 上海法租界 pinyin Shànghǎi Fǎ Zūjiè, French La concession française de Shanghaï) was a foreign concession in Shanghai, China from 1849 until 1946 ... The concession came to an end in practice in 1943 when the Vichy French government signed it over to the pro-Japanese puppet government in Nanking ... The area covered by the former French Concession was, for much of the 20th century, the premier residential and retail districts of Shanghai, and was also the centre of Catholicism in Shanghai ...
Shanghai French Concession - Governance
... The chief French official in charge of the French Concession was the Consul-General of France in Shanghai ... the Municipal Council in order to preserve the French Concession's independence ... Security in the Concession was maintained by the garde municipale ...
Armenian Railways - Concession
... the government called tenders for a 30-year concession to modernise and operate Armenian Railways, expecting to award a contract in 2008 ... (SCR) has officially started business operations under a concession agreement to manage Armenian Railways ... The concession agreement was concluded for 30 years, with a right of extension for another 20 years after the first 20 years of operation ...
Shanghai French Concession - Cultural References
... The French Concession is portrayed in Jules Verne's novel Tribulations of a Chinaman in China (1879) ... The French Concession is where Adeline Yen Mah stayed in her autobiography Chinese Cinderella (1999) ... The French Concession is portrayed in Lisa See's novel Shanghai girls and Dreams of Joy ...

Famous quotes containing the word concession:

    Let the amelioration in our laws of property proceed from the concession of the rich, not from the grasping of the poor. Let us understand that the equitable rule is, that no one should take more than his share, let him be ever so rich.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)