Concentric Circles

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Steiner Chain - Annular Case and Feasibility Criterion
... type of Steiner chain is a closed chain of n circles of equal size surrounding an inscribed circle of radius r the chain of circles is itself surrounded by a circumscribed circle of radius R ... The inscribed and circumscribed given circles are concentric, and the Steiner-chain circles lie in the annulus between them ... the angle 2θ between the centers of the Steiner-chain circles is 360°/n ...
Steiner Chain - Properties Under Inversion
... properties of Steiner chains In an annular Steiner chain, the angle subtended by a single circle is 2θ (gold lines), which is also the angle subtended by adjacent points of ... The gold circles intersect the two given circles at right angles, i.e ... orthogonally The circles passing through the mutual tangent points of the Steiner-chain circles are orthogonal to the two given circles and intersect one another at multiples of the angle 2θ The circles passing ...

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