Compressive Stress

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Formation of Exfoliation Joints - Compressive Stress and Extensional Fracture
... Large compressive stresses parallel to the land (or a free) surface can create tensile mode fractures in rock, where the direction of fracture propagation is ... been observed in the laboratory since at least 1900 (in both uniaxial and biaxial unconfined compressive loading see Gramberg, 1989) ... Tensile cracks can form in a compressive stress field due to the influence of pervasive microcracks in the rock lattice and extension of so-called ...
Toughened Glass - Properties
... The greater contraction of the inner layer during manufacturing induces compressive stresses in the surface of the glass balanced by tensile stresses in the ... For glass to be considered toughened, this compressive stress on the surface of the glass should be a minimum of 69 MPa ... For it to be considered safety glass, the surface compressive stress should exceed 100 MPa ...

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