Compound Leaf

  • (noun): Composed of a number of leaflets on a common stalk.

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Leaf - Morphology - Divisions of The Blade
... A simple leaf has an undivided blade ... However, the leaf shape may be formed of lobes, but the gaps between lobes do not reach to the main vein ... A compound leaf has a fully subdivided blade, each leaflet of the blade separated along a main or secondary vein ...
Loei Province - Tourism - Sights
... carved into a lotus shape at its top and gilded with gold leaf on black lacquer with a height of 139 centimetres ... such as a carved Buddha image gilded with gold leaf on black lacquer in the forgiving posture of the Lan Chang style ... or Thailand’s Guilin is situated within the compound of Wat Tham Phothisat ...
Glossary Of Botanical Terms - P
... a compound leaf divided into several leaflets arising from the same point at the top of the petiole ... of veins in a simple leaf when they arise in a similar fashion ... panicle (adjective paniculate) a compound raceme an indeterminate inflorescence in which the flowers are borne on branches of the main axis or on further branches of these ...

Famous quotes containing the words leaf and/or compound:

    “... Can poet’s thought
    That springs from body and in body falls
    Like this pure jet, now lost amid blue sky,
    Now bathing lily leaf and fish’s scale,
    Be mimicry?”
    William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)

    Give a scientist a problem and he will probably provide a solution; historians and sociologists, by contrast, can offer only opinions. Ask a dozen chemists the composition of an organic compound such as methane, and within a short time all twelve will have come up with the same solution of CH4. Ask, however, a dozen economists or sociologists to provide policies to reduce unemployment or the level of crime and twelve widely differing opinions are likely to be offered.
    Derek Gjertsen, British scientist, author. Science and Philosophy: Past and Present, ch. 3, Penguin (1989)