Community Catholic Church of Canada

The Community Catholic Church of Canada (CCCC), formerly the Old Catholic Church of Canada, is a church (that has its See) based in Mississauga, Ontario. Like other Old Catholic churches, it is theologically liberal and gay-friendly. Its mission statement is based upon the two Great Commandments given by Jesus: "to love God and to love our neighbour as ourselves." Drawing from Catholic and Anglican traditions, the CCCC aspires to be Christ-centred community where questions are welcome and spiritual journeys are honoured.

Incorporated in 1960, the Community Catholic Church of Canada recognizes seven sacraments, practices open communion and maintains the threefold ministry of bishops, priests, and deacons, as well as the subdiaconate which it views as a minor order.

The CCCC grew out of the Old Catholic Diocese of Hamilton (founded in 1949 by Fr. William Henry Daw. Daw also founded at other points in his ministry the Independent Anglican Church, Canada Synod and the Liberal Catholic Church of Ontario).

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