Commonwealth of Caledonia Australis

The Commonwealth of Caledonia Australis is a secessionist movement denying the authority of the Government of Australia on grounds of extremely questionable legal reasoning. The Commonwealth has come to attention in a number of cases where persons have denied the authority of the Courts and Police on the basis of citizenship of the Commonwealth of Caledonia Australis.

CCA was apparently founded on 15 June 1992, under the leadership and authority of the self-styled H.R.H. Prince Edward James Renton, the Prince Palatine of the Principality of Caledonia.

Federal Court Justice Goldberg labelled the attempt to establish a new state outside Australian laws, the Commonwealth of Caledonia Australis, as a "delusion" and "wrong".

The Magnificat Meal Movement appears to have affiliated itself with them.

The Caledonia Australis movement has been linked to the British Israelites, an allegedly anti-Semitic organisation who believe that the British people are the true successor to the tribes of Israel.

CCA have been described in the press as confrontational and much has been made of their members often being armed.

Effective July 9, 2005 The Government of the Commonwealth of Caledonia Australis, Melbourne has signed a "Treaty of Peace and Friendship" with the Government of Nu Altamaha Yamassee Nation. The Treaty includes the Royal Pacific Reserve and Central Bank also from the Commonwealth of Caledonia Australis, represented by H.R.H Prince Neal Arthur Lyster. The Chief Grandmaster's signature on the treaty for the Government of Nu Altamaha Yamasse Nation is not named, but is written in Egyptian style hieroglyphics.

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