Commercial Archaeology

Rescue archaeology, sometimes called preventive archaeology, salvage archaeology, or commercial archaeology is archaeological survey and excavation carried out in areas threatened by, or revealed by, construction or other land development. These conditions could include, but are not limited to, highway projects, major construction, the flood plain of a proposed dam, or even before the onset of war. Unlike traditional survey and excavation, rescue archaeology must be undertaken at speed. Rescue archaeology is included in the broader category of cultural resource management (CRM).

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Commercial Archaeology - As A Profession
... the organizations that take on rescue archaeology contracts are stable entities, the archaeologists who perform the actual field work are, in the main, an army of mobile workers ... professional archaeologists call each other when they enter the field of rescue archaeology and move from excavation to excavation ... As much archaeology is now developer-led, the fieldworkers must move to where the work is when one contract is complete, much like ski-bums following the ...

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