Commando Parachute Group - Selection


In order to serve in the GCP the candidate must meet the following requirements-

  • To belong to a regiment of the 11th Parachute Brigade (11e Brigade Parachutiste)
  • To have done a number of years of active service in the French armed forces
  • To be medically fit to parachute jump and thus acquiring the following qualifications: TAP et Chuteurs Opérationnels.

S I G Y C O P (Troupes Aéroportées)

2 1 2 3 3 2 1

S I G Y C O P (Chuteurs Opérationnels)

2 1 2 3 2 2 1

  • To be adept whilst out in the field (more than four months of experience of operational exercises (OPEX) or operational experience).
  • To have a security clearance
  • To hold the rank of at least corporal
  • To pass Pre-Selection, which consists of:
    • 2 rope climbs carrying full fighting order
    • A swim in combat fatigues that includes underwater tests and 5 meter rope climb from the water; depending on mother regiment this may be in rough winter seas.
    • An obstacle course to be completed under a set time.
    • An orientation/navigation test to be completed under a set time.
    • A 30 km TAP in full fighting order to be completed under a set time with record held by CCH Pelham of 2REP GCP in 2hrs 28 min
    • 1500m and 8000m runs in full fighting order to be completed under set times.
    • Unarmed combat skills and aggression tests including 'milling' a type of no rules boxing.
    • An interview and general skills testing with current serving members of the GCP
  • To pass the physically and mentally demanding Brevet Niveaux 1 et 2 du Centre National d'Entraînement Commando (The National Commando Training Centre) (CNEC) at Mont-Louis
    • Brevet Niveau 1 : « Commando Entrainement »
    • Brevet Niveau 2 : « Moniteur des Techniques Commandos » for senior NCOs and officers or « Moniteur des Techniques Commandos Spécialisés » for junior NCOs
    • Brevet Niveau 3 : « Instructeur des Techniques Commandos »
  • To pass the 'Chuteur Opérationnel' de l'ETAP course (stage 55 501 SOGH) that lasts three months.

When the candidate has passed all of these tests he is now able to serve within one of the teams of the GCP.

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