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Characters Of The Adventures Of Tintin - Supporting Characters - Colonel Jorgen
... Colonel Jorgen is a sworn enemy of Tintin ... In fact Jorgen is a double agent for the neighboring republic of Borduria ... Colonel Jorgen makes a cameo appearance in Destination Moon and confronts Tintin again in Explorers on the Moon, having stowed away on the moon rocket that ...

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    Swan/Mary Rutledge: Oh no, no. I’m not running away. I came here to get something, and I’m going to get it.
    Col. Cobb: Yes, but San Francisco is no place for a woman.
    Swan: Why not? I’m not afraid. I like the fog. I like this new world. I like the noise of something happening.... I’m tired of dreaming, Colonel Cobb. I’m staying. I’m staying and holding out my hands for gold—bright, yellow gold.
    Ben Hecht (1893–1964)