Collect Pond

The Collect Pond or Fresh Water Pond was a body of fresh water near the southern end of Manhattan Island in New York City, occupying approximately 48 acres (190,000 m2) and as deep as 60 feet (18 m). For the first two hundred years of European settlement of Manhattan, Collect Pond was the main water supply for the growing city. The pond, fed by an underground spring, was located in a valley, with Bayard Mount (at 110 feet the tallest hill in lower Manhattan) to the northeast and Kalck Hoek (Dutch for Chalk Hook, named for the numerous oyster shell middens left by the indigenous Native American inhabitants) to the west.

A stream flowed north out of the pond and then west through a salt marsh (which, after being drained, became a meadow by the name of "Lispenard Meadows") to the Hudson River, while another stream issued from the southeastern part of the pond in an easterly direction to the East River.

The southwestern shore of the Collect Pond was the site of a Native American settlement known as Werpoes. A small band of Munsee, the northernmost division of the Lenape, occupied the site until the Dutch settlement of New Amsterdam was established. It is possible that members of this band were the participants in the famed sale of Manhattan (Manahatta) to the Dutch.

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