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Carla (カルラ, Karura?) is an intellectual girl who cares deeply for Renya and wants him to succeed to he can remain in the village. Carla often tries to help Renya improve his poor mathematical skills, but is usually refused and her methods insulted by Renya. Most of their friends suspect she has a crush on Renya. When the village is attacked by a group of samurai led by Isshin Sumeragi, Carla and her friends are captured. When Renya arrives to save them, Isshin Sumeragi's collaborator Arturo Weinberg reveals that Carla is actually Claire li Britannia (クレア・リ・ブリタニア, Kurea ri Buritania?), the next intended Empress of Britannia. Her parents had originally sent her to Japan due to unrest within the Britannian Imperial Family, where she adopted the role of Carla within the hidden village and befriended Renya and his friends. Because she has become the target of the Knightmares, she reluctantly accepts Lord Weinberg's suggestion to return to Britannia, though with the company of her friends.

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