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Flight Instruments

In the modern electronic cockpit, the electronic flight instruments usually regarded as essential are MCP, PFD, ND, EICAS, FMS/CDU and back-up instruments.

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... In a less prominent part of the cockpit, in case of failure of the other instruments, there will be a set of back-up instruments, showing basic flight information such as speed, altitude, heading, and aircraft attitude ...
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... However, all five instruments are not equally important ... In good weather conditions small aircraft can be landed without the use of any instrument, called visual landing ... can be used for navigation, but it is indeed a flight instrument as well ...
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... The static ports are critical to the operation of virtually all of those flight instruments that provide basic aerodynamic data such as airspeed, altitude and vertical speed, not ... resulting in total failure of multiple basic flight instruments and as such is regarded as one of the most serious faults that can occur within the avionics systems ... and are generally a bright color and carry flags (which may have "remove before flight" markings) ...

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