Cockburn (surname)

Cockburn (surname)

Cockburn ( /ˈkoʊbərn/) is a Scottish surname that originated in the Borders region of the Scottish Lowlands. In the United States most branches of the same family have adopted the simplified spelling 'Coburn'; other branches have altered the name slightly to 'Cogburn'. The French branch of the family uses the spelling 'de Cockborne', with the middle 'ck" being pronounced.

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... Damien Cockburn, a character in the film Tropic Thunder. ...

Famous quotes containing the word cockburn:

    What arouses the indignation of the honest satirist is not, unless the man is a prig, the fact that people in positions of power or influence behave idiotically, or even that they behave wickedly. It is that they conspire successfully to impose upon the public a picture of themselves as so very sagacious, honest and well-intentioned.
    —Claud Cockburn (1904–1981)