Coalition Combat Operations in Afghanistan in 2008 - Battle of Wanat

Battle of Wanat

On July 13, 2008, a coordinated Taliban attack was launched on a remote NATO base at Wanat in the Kunar province. Approximately 200 militants began firing rockets and mortars from the nearby village, taking American ISAF forces by surprise. After causing serious damage to the integrity of the fortification, insurgents unsuccessfully attempted to storm the base. Although the militants briefly gained entry to a small forward observation post, the overall attack was repelled. In total 9 US and 4 Afghan National Army were killed, along with as many as 40 insurgents. 19 Americans and 4 Afghans were wounded, as well as 20-40 insurgents. The attack showed a step up in bold maneuvers on the part of the insurgency which usually fights on the defensive, following a bold prison assault in June. The US said 40 other militants were killed in Helmand province in separate operations. NATO forces announced that they have abandoned their outpost in the village.

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