Clouding of Consciousness

Clouding of consciousness, also known as mental fog, is a term used in conventional medicine denoting an abnormality in the "regulation" of the "overall level" of consciousness that is less severe than a stupor or coma. The sufferer experiences a subjective sensation of mental clouding described as feeling "foggy". Alternative medicine practitioners popularly use the term "brain fog". However, some skeptics of alternative medicine reject this term claiming that "it is not clear what the phrase represents".

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Glossary Of Psychiatry - List of Terms - C - Clouding of Consciousness
... Clouding of consciousness is a global impairment in higher central nervous functioning ... The term 'confusion state' is sometimes used to mean clouding of consciousness, but should be avoided if at all possible because it is ambiguous ...
Clouding Of Consciousness - Etiologies
... concept candidiasis in conventional medicine is known to be associated with clouding of consciousness ... poison the brain has long been said to cause clouding of consciousness ... can poison the brain and cause a reduced level or "clouding" of consciousness if the liver fails to detoxify it and that faecal impaction and urinary retention can cause clouding of ...

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