Some articles on clothes:

Asterius Of Amasea - Artistic References
... In Oration 1, On the The Rich Man and Lazarus, he objects to richly decorated clothes Clothes decorated with religious images, worn by laymen it seems, are also condemned having found some idle and extravagant style ... But if they take my advice let them sell those clothes and honor the living image of God ... but his objection to images on clothes is on the grounds of expense and frivolity ...
Society And Culture Of The Han Dynasty - Clothing and Cuisine
... Silk clothes found in Han tombs include padded robes, double-layered robes, single-layered robes, single-layered skirts, shoes, socks, and mittens ... Large bamboo-matted suitcases found in Han tombs contained clothes and luxury items such as patterned fabric and embroidery, common silk, damask and brocade, and the leno (or gauze) weave, all with ... The Han also had tools for ironing clothes ...
Shangri-La (novel) - Characters - Akihabara
... His characteristics are wearing Army clothes and uniforms, acting like a commander, as well as his use of vocabulary, including words like "Arch-rival" and "ambush" ... He refers to historical examples when he talks, and wears camouflage clothes ... He wears girly clothes, a long haired green wig, and cat ears, which, when paired with a mustache, provides comical relief for watchers ...
Maternity Clothing - History
... This is due to a belief that many women wouldn't purchase clothes intended for only a few months of wearing ... Kate Bostock of Marks Spencer said the demand for maternity clothes was growing because "Nowadays women are working during pregnancy, and travelling ...
Spark (Tori Amos Song) - Music Video
... I had changes of clothes – I had wet clothes and dry clothes, and in the middle of the forest the girls would stand around me in their parkas and I'm putting the wet clothes on and ...

Famous quotes containing the word clothes:

    At court I met it, in clothes brave enough
    To be a courtier, and looks grave enough
    To seem a statesman.
    Ben Jonson (1572–1637)

    The best-dressed woman is one whose clothes wouldn’t look too strange in the country.
    Hardy, Sir Amies (b. 1909)

    Maria: When we enter the Abbey, our worldly clothes are given to the poor.
    Colonel Von Trapp: What about this one?
    Maria: The poor didn’t want this one.
    Ernest Lehman (b. 1920)