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Rights Ethics - Definitional Issues - Claim Rights Versus Liberty Rights
... A claim right is a right which entails that another person has a duty to the right-holder ... Somebody else must do or refrain from doing something to or for the claim holder, such as perform a service or supply a product for him or her that is, he or she has a claim to that service or product (another ... In logic, this idea can be expressed as "Person A has a claim that person B do something if and only if B has a duty to A to do that something ...
Claim Rights And Liberty Rights - Overview
... A person's liberty right to x consists in his freedom to do or have x, while a person's claim right to x consists in an obligation on others to allow or enable him to do or have x ... For example, to assert a liberty right to free speech is to assert that you have permission to speak freely that is, that you are not doing anything wrong by speaking freely ... But that liberty right does not in itself entail that others are obligated to help you communicate the things you wish to say, or even that they would be wrong in preventing you from speaking ...
Claim Rights And Liberty Rights
... and political scientists make a distinction between claim rights and liberty rights ... A claim right is a right which entails responsibilities, duties, or obligations on other parties regarding the right-holder ... In contrast, a liberty right is a right which does not entail obligations on other parties, but rather only freedom or permission for the right-holder ...

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    The government of the United States is a device for maintaining in perpetuity the rights of the people, with the ultimate extinction of all privileged classes.
    Calvin Coolidge (1872–1933)

    Chippenhook was the home of Judge Theophilus Harrington, known for his trenchant reply to an irate slave-owner in a runaway slave case. Judge Harrington declared that the owner’s claim to the slave was defective. The owner indignantly demanded to know what was lacking in his legally sound claim. The Judge exploded, ‘A bill of sale, sir, from God Almighty!’
    —For the State of Vermont, U.S. public relief program (1935-1943)