Claim may refer to:

  • Claim (legal)
  • Claim (patent)
  • Land claim
  • Proposition, a statement which is either true or false
  • A right
  • Sequent, in mathematics
  • A main contention, see conclusion of law

Other articles related to "claim, claims":

Death-warning - Skepticism
... For instance, a valid source who empirically evaluates the claim must stand behind the belief ... the present case, the Society for Psychical Research solely uses testimonials as evidence for their claims ... fails to mention any evidence that disproves the claim and does not address any of these studies ...
Critical Rationalism - The Pitfalls of Justificationism and Positivism
... If we were really "inducting" theories from particulars, it would be inductively logical to claim that the sun sets because I get up in the morning, or that ... calls "tediously familiar", is that all arguments purporting to give valid support for a claim are either circular or question-begging ... one provides a valid deductive argument (an inference from premises to a conclusion) for a given claim, then the content of the claim must already be ...
Frivolous Litigation
... The fact that a claim is lost does not imply that it was frivolous ... may be uncivil or harassing to the court, or may claim extreme remedies ... A claim or defense may be frivolous because it had no underlying justification in fact, or because it was not presented with an argument for a reasonable extension or reinterpretation of the law ...
Example of An Effective Migu
... Normally, when one makes a claim that a loan has been repaid, he would be expected to produce evidence that it had been repaid, such as a receipt ... Since the lender cannot prove the existence of the loan, that claim would have prevailed ... Therefore, the claim that the loan was repaid is believed as well ...
Requirements For Adverse Possession - Specific Requirements For Adverse Possession
... Claim of title or claim of right ... intent to take the land as one's own constitutes "claim of right." Other cases have determined that a claim of right exists if the person believes he has rightful claim to the property, even if that belief is ... they demonstrate actual possession, also demonstrate knowledge of guilt, as opposed to claim of right ...

Famous quotes containing the word claim:

    I call her old. She has one family
    Whose claim is good to being settled here
    Before the era of colonization,
    And before that of exploration even.
    John Smith remarked them as he coasted by....
    Robert Frost (1874–1963)

    Those who dare to interpret God’s will must never claim Him as an asset for one nation or group rather than another. War springs from the love and loyalty which should be offered to God being applied to some God substitute, one of the most dangerous being nationalism.
    Robert Runcie (b. 1921)

    For that is love’s nature that it lays claim to exclusive right and that all other claims are nil.
    Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe (1749–1832)