City of Adelaide Pipe Band

The City of Adelaide Pipe Band is a grade two pipe band, based in City of Adelaide, South Australia. The band has won grade one at the 1998 Australian Championships and Grade two in 2008. It placed 4th in grade one at the New Zealand and South Pacific Championships, in Dunedin in 1999. The band is led by Pipe Major Brett Tidswell and Drum Sergeant Olav Goud, and is a member of the South Australian Pipe Band Association.

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City Of Adelaide Pipe Band - History
... The City of Adelaide Pipe Band was formed to provide a high level competitive band, and an entertaining alternative to the city's brass band for the public ... Forming in 1991, the band wore the Drummond of Perth tartan, and bears the coat of arms of the City of Adelaide on cap badges, pipe banners and drums ... By 1992, the band was already competing in the South Australian competition at a grade two level, and earned its first title at the South Australian Pipe Band Championships, in Greenock ...

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