Cirrus Clouds

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Cirrus Cloud
... Cirrus clouds (cloud classification symbol Ci) are a genus of atmospheric clouds generally characterized by thin, wispy strands, giving them their name from the Latin word cirrus meaning a ringlet or ... The strands of cloud sometimes appear in tufts of a distinctive form referred to by the common name of mares' tails ... Cirrus clouds generally appear white or light gray in color ...
Cirrus Intortus Cloud
... Cirrus intortus is a variety of cirrus cloud ... The name cirrus intortus is derived from Latin, meaning "twisted, wound" ... The variety of intortus clouds is specific to cirrus clouds, and they appear as interwound strands of cirrus clouds with a purely random pattern ...
Iris Hypothesis
... increased sea surface temperature in the tropics would result in reduced cirrus clouds and thus more infrared radiation leakage from Earth's atmosphere ... His study of observed changes in cloud coverage and modeled effects on infrared radiation released to space as a result supported the hypothesis ... The consensus view is that increased sea surface temperature would result in increased cirrus clouds and reduced infrared radiation leakage and therefore a positive feedback ...
Great Dark Spot - Characteristics
... The Great Dark Spot is thought to represent a hole in the methane cloud deck of Neptune ... The Great Dark Spot generated large white clouds at or just below the tropopause layer similar to high-altitude cirrus clouds found on Earth ... Unlike the clouds on Earth, however, which are composed of crystals of ice, Neptune's cirrus clouds are made up of crystals of frozen methane ...
Cloud Types - Tropospheric Class: Families, Genera, Species, Varieties, and Supplementary Features - High Cirriform, Stratocumuliform, and Stratiform - Genus Cirrus
... Cirrus clouds form in the highest and coldest region of the troposphere from about 16,500 to 40,000 ft (5 to 12 km) in temperate latitudes ... At this altitude water almost always freezes so clouds are composed of ice crystals ... The clouds tend to be wispy, and are often transparent ...

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