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Memorial Chapel

The memorial chapel was the original worship space on the current church site. Although the traditional services have long since outgrown it, two of the contemporary services are held in it, in addition to wedding, funerals, and the like. The layout is traditional, but not cruciform as it has no transepts. The furnishings are similar to those in the main church, simply on a slightly smaller scale. Also, the altar is not attached to the east wall, so the presider performs the Eucharistic rite standing behind it and facing the congregation. The chancel area is separated from the nave by a large Gothic arch, behind which is a set of curtains which can block off that space when the chapel is being used for functions other than worship, though they are rarely used as such.

The organ is situated on the back wall, with the largest pipes of the pedal division flanking the west door. The swell shades can be seen behind the acoustic fabric panels hung in front of them. The console is on the north side of the gallery, which runs the length of the nave along both sides. The console, as in the main church, faces the wall. A small space for a choir of about 12-16 voices is available around the console.

The baptistry in the chapel is located adjacent to the entrance from the main hallway on the north side of the nave. On the opposite side of the nave and set off by a wood slat wall is a small chapel containing one of the two columbaria of the church (the other being outside), after which the chapel takes its name since it is not named for a particular person.

The chapel also has a narthex which provides access to the upper gallery, as well as to some of the audio-visual equipment that is utilized by the contemporary services held in the chapel. Stained glass can be found surrounding the chapel, the finest of which is in the small columbarium chapel.

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