Chubby Cherub

Chubby Cherub (known in Japan as Obake no Q-tarō: WanWan Panic (オバケのQ太郎 ワンワンパニック, Obake no Q-tarō WanWan Panikku?, literally: "Q-tarō the Ghost: BowWow Panic")) is a video game software by Bandai for the Nintendo Family Computer.

The original Japanese version of the game, Obake no Q-tarō: WanWan Panic, was heavily modified for its North American release and retitled Chubby Cherub since neither Canadians nor Americans had prior knowledge of Obake no Q-taro. Chubby Cherub is about a flying cupid-like character who eats food and attacks enemies with limited supplies of hearts. The Japanese game is about a ghost named Q-tarō, a character from a Fujiko Fujio manga series titled Obake no Q-tarō.

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