Chrysler LeBaron - 1957–1975

Imperial generation
Production 1957–1975
Assembly Detroit, Michigan, United States
Class Luxury / Full-size
Body style 2-door coupe
2-door convertible
4-door sedan
Layout FR layout
Platform Perimeter Frame
Engine 392 cu in (6.4L) V8
413 cu in (6.8L) V8
440 cu in (7.2L) V8
Transmission 4-speed automatic
Related Imperial
Chrysler Imperial
For an extended section of Imperial LeBaron models sold under its own Imperial marque (1957-1975) see also Imperial (automobile)

The Chrysler Corporation introduced the Imperial as a separate luxury make and division in 1955. LeBaron was designated the top of the line Imperial models in 1957 through 1975. These cars were Imperials and did not bear the Chrysler name.

The Imperial LeBarons were made to compete directly with competitor's luxury brands such as Lincoln, Cadillac, and Packard, just as they had since 1930s. The last model was made in June 1975, a victim of dwindling sales and the 1973 oil embargo.

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