Christianity in England

Christianity In England

Religion in England (2011)

Christianity (59.4%) Non-religious (24.7%) Not stated (7.2%) Islam (5.0%) Other religions (2.2%) Hinduism (1.5%)
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Christianity is the most widely practiced and declared religion in England. The Anglican Church of England is the established church of England holding a special constitutional position for the United Kingdom. After Christianity, religions with the most adherents are Islam, Hinduism, Wicca and other Pagan movements, Sikhism, Judaism, Buddhism and the Bahá'í Faith. There are also organisations which promote irreligion, atheist humanism, and secularism.

In the past, various other religions (usually pagan) have been important in the country, particularly Celtic polytheism, Roman polytheism, Anglo-Saxon paganism and Norse paganism. Religions native to England include Wicca and Druidry.

Many of England's most notable buildings and monuments are religious in nature, including Stonehenge, the Angel of the North, Westminster Abbey, St Paul's Cathedral and Canterbury Cathedral. The festivals of Christmas and Easter are still widely commemorated in the country.

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24.7% of people in England declared no religion in 2011, compared with 14.6% in 2001 ... lower than the combined figures for England and Wales as Wales has a higher level of irreligion than England ...

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