Christian Morgenstern - Collected Works

Collected Works

A complete edition of the works of Christian Morgenstern in German in nine volumes is currently being prepared by Verlag Urachhaus (Stuttgart) under the direction of Professor Reinhardt Habel. Volumes 1 and 2 comprise Morgenstern's lyrical writings and poems; volume 3: humoristic writings, including the complete Gallows Songs; volume 4: epic and theatrical writings; volume 5: collected aphorisms; volume 6: critical essays and reviews; volumes 7-9: complete correspondence. The volume titles in German are:

  • Volume 1: Lyrik 1887–1905, ed. Martin Kiessig, 1988.
  • Volume 2: Lyrik 1906–1914, ed. Martin Kiessig, 1992.
  • Volume 3: Humoristische Lyrik, ed. Maurice Cureau, 1990.
  • Volume 4: Episches und Dramatisches, eds. Reinhardt Habel and Ernst Kretschmer, 2001.
  • Volume 5: Aphorismen, ed. Reinhardt Habel, 1987.
  • Volume 6: Kritische Schriften, ed. Helmut Gumtau, 1987.
  • Volume 7: Briefwechsel 1878–1903, ed. Katharina Breitner, 2005.
  • Volume 8: Briefwechsel 1905–1908 (in preparation)
  • Volume 9: Briefwechsel 1909–1914 (in preparation)

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