Choi Dip

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Square Pegs (Hong Kong TV Series) - Cast - Main Cast
... Ling Choi Fong's husband ... Jessica Hsuan Ling Choi Fung 凌彩鳳 Ding Sheung Wong's wife ... Ling Choi Dip's stepsister ...
Square Pegs (Hong Kong TV Series) - Synopsis
... Choi Fong (Jessica Hsuan) is the eldest daughter of the Ling family that includes her oft-absent father, stepmother and stepsister Choi Dip (Leila Tong) ... vice finally catches up with her and to pay a particular debt, Choi Dip is consigned to marry the village idiot Ding Seung Wong or Ah Wong (Roger Kwok), who is about as intelligent ... Ling arranges a double wedding and switches the brides so that Choi Fong ends up marrying Ah Wong, while Choi Dip marries Bao Gai Zong (Raymond Cho), the scion of the ...

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