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List Of The Fairly Odd Parents Characters - Other Characters - Celebrities
... Chip Skylark III ( Chris Kirkpatrick ) is a widely popular teen singing sensation who meets with Timmy Turner after he had wished that the worst possible non-lethal ... In spite of his talents and fame, Chip Skylark revealed himself to actually be broke, since his record company pays for everything ... Skylark's fame and popularity faced 3 plunges during the course of his career, but was always able to come back up again thanks to help from Timmy and his fairy godparents ...
The Fairly Odd Parents (season 3) - Episodes
... Bender rips out Chip Skylark's teeth, which stops him from singing, forcing Timmy to contact the Tooth Fairy to seek aid in recovering Chip's teeth Odd, Odd West – Timmy and his friends visit the ... Vicky's Head Gag Witch 37 "Chip Off The Old Chip / Snow Bound" November 21, 313 ... Chip Off the Old Chip Special Guest Star Chris Kirkpatrick as Chip Skylark – To win the male ... But while Timmy has Chip's voice, Chip now has Timmy's voice, and Chip's singing career quickly plummets ...

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