Chimneys Novels

The Chimneys novels were two light-hearted thrillers by Agatha Christie, The Secret of Chimneys (1925) and The Seven Dials Mystery (1929). Superintendent Battle and Lady "Bundle" Brent were characters in both books. Chimneys was a country house, the seat of the fictional Marquesses of Caterham, based on Abney Hall in Cheshire.

The Chimney Murder (1929) was an unrelated novel by E. M. Channon.

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    Good novels are not written by orthodoxy-sniffers, nor by people who are conscience-stricken about their own orthodoxy. Good novels are written by people who are not frightened.
    George Orwell (1903–1950)

    When my mother died I was very young,
    And my father sold me while yet my tongue,
    Could scarcely cry weep weep weep weep.
    So your chimneys I sweep & in soot I sleep.
    William Blake (1757–1827)