Chilia may refer to:

  • Kiliya, Ukraine
  • Chilia, a village in Bârgăuani Commune, Neamţ County, Romania
  • Chilia, a village in Făgeţelu Commune, Olt County, Romania
  • Chilia, a village in Homoroade Commune, Satu Mare County, Romania
  • Chilia Veche, a commune in Tulcea County, Romania
  • Chilia branch, a distributary of the Danube
  • Ivăneşti, a commune in Vaslui County, Romania
  • Chilia, the genus of the Crag Chilia, a South American bird in the ovenbird family
  • Chilia, in the Greek language, translates to "thousand", and is the root for the term Chiliasm, another term for Millenarianism

Other articles related to "chilia":

Battle Of Baia - Background - Foreign Relations
... Dracula of Wallachia, asking him to return Chilia back to Moldavia—a demand that was most likely refused ... of the Ottoman Empire, Stephen launched an attack on Chilia, with some Turkish assistance, with the objective of capturing the fortress ... Dracula was imprisoned in Hungary, Stephen again advanced towards Chilia with a large force and siege weapons but instead of besieging the fortress, he showed the ...
Chilia Branch
... The Chilia or Kilia branch (Romanian Braţul Chilia Ukrainian Кілійське гирло) is a distributary of the river Danube, that contributes in ... having this name, located on its two shores Kilia, on the northern, Ukrainian bank and Chilia Veche on the southern, Romanian bank ... The Chilia branch begins at the Ismail Islet, and is 104 km long ...
Battle Of Vaslui - Background
... successfully defended in 1420 against the first Ottoman attempt to capture castle Chilia ... The ports of Chilia and Akkerman (Romanian Cetatea Albā) were essential for Moldavian commerce ... The old trade route from Caffa, Akkerman, and Chilia passed through Suceava in Moldavia and Lwow in Poland (now in Ukraine) ...
Kiliya, Ukraine - History
... A town on the Romanian side of the Chilia branch, known as Chilia Veche (Ukrainian Cтapa Кілія, translit ... Stara Kiliya) or "Older Chilia", was founded by the Byzantines - κελλίa, kellia being the equivalent of "granaries", a name first recorded in 1241, in ... Novo Kiliya, Romanian Chilia Nouă), or "New Kiliya" ...
Crag Chilia
... The Crag Chilia (Ochetorhynchus melanurus) is a species of bird in the Furnariidae family ... It has traditionally been placed in the monotypic genus Chilia, but recent evidence suggests it should be moved to Ochetorhynchus ...