Chief of Defence of Norway

The Chief of Defence of Norway (Forsvarssjefen) is the highest-ranking officer of the Military of Norway, second only to the King of Norway. Even though he holds the same rank as the King of Norway, according to the Norwegian Constitution the King holds the highest command of the Army, Air Force, Navy and Home Guard. He is the top advisor to the Government regarding military issues. He is responsible for carrying out the mission the King or Minister of Defence gives to the Military. He is also Norway's representative to NATO's military committee.

The post was first established in 1940. Since October 2009 the position has been filled by General Harald Sunde.

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... Halvor Hansson Army 1 June 31 ... July 1946 Lieutenant General Ole Berg (as Chief of the Defence Staff) Army 1 August 31 ... October 1955 Lieutenant General Finn Lambrechts (as Chief of the Defence Staff ...

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